Team Copeland

Sessions at Copeland Pool

Our pool sessions are normally very busy.
They are held on Tuesday nights at Copeland Fitness Centre and Swimming Pool, Cleator Moor Road, Hensingham, Whitehaven. CA28 8RW, T 01946 696 049. You can leave a message for us with the staff if you wish. Please contact the club either in person or via the website contact us page before your first visit as we do not like disappointing people.
Age of juniors- we normally say that juniors should be at least 10 years of age: if they are with a paddling parent / guardian they may be aged 8 or 9 - however we reserve the right to check that they are confident swimmers (for their own safety) before accepting them as members.
Members and visitors should follow the Code of Conduct (in full on the website) which is printed in part on the Membership Form.

Maps showing the position of the pool etc:
Whitehaven, Pool and Garage positions

Prices are £6.00 per person per session for visitors and £5.00 for Club Members.
You should be able to swim 50m. If this isn't possible for some reason, please let us know as often we can help.
Equipment (boats/paddles/spray decks) is provided.

8:00-8:35 First session. 8:35-8:40 All first session paddlers vacate the pool.
8:40-9:15 Second session. 9:15-9:20 All second session paddlers vacate the pool. Putting excess boats and other equipment away is highly appreciated.
9:20-9:55 Third session. 9:55-10:00 Boats away!

For safety reasons, we have guideline numbers of 20 boats/paddlers in the large pool and 5 in the small pool. In the small pool it is mandatory to wear a helmet.
For the first session there may be a waiting list. If there is space new paddlers are welcome.
The 2nd and 3rd sessions run on a first come first served basis. New or guest paddlers are welcome to attend these sessions should numbers allow, please contact us before attending. Pay on the night. Club members have priority over non-members.
If there is space, paddlers may continue into the next session subject to the agreement of the coaches in charge.