Team Copeland

Outdoor paddling

We organize outdoor trips on both a formal and an informal basis. Locally we use St Bees beach, Bassenthwaite Lake, Derwentwater and Ennerdale Water regularly.
We usually visit events such as the Tyne Tour (Hexham) each year. Most years there are trips to Scotland/Wales and possibly abroad.

Local trips are held many weekends of the year and sometimes evenings in the summer. Often these are very weather dependent and are therefore organized at short notice.

A list of activities for the near future is in the "what's on" section of the site. We will state the level of experience needed for the trip when we announce it (often at the pool session preceding). Club members are encouraged to make their mobile phone numbers / email addresses available to Coaches to allow messages to be passed on at short notice. Being a part of our Facebook group is also useful (search for copeland canoe club).

Most trips start from the Club's garage, situated in Whitehaven, off Richmond Hill Road at the Hospital end. Satnav: post code is CA28 8ST. Map showing these places:
Whitehaven, Pool and Garage positions

We have agreed the following costs for trips (same as a pool session):
£5.00 (members) / £6.00 (non-members) per person per trip.

Maps for places we visit regularly

Ennerdale access
Bassenthwaite area, Scarness and Peel Wyke
Ravenglass access
Workington, access to the south side of the estuary
Derwentwater Marina access
more to come!


The Club has a number of boats, canoes, kayaks and associated equipment available for member's use if needed.

We can supply some boats/paddles/spraydecks/helmets/bouyancy aids from the club's stock. A fee to help maintain the equipment of is requested, see below.
We are not in a position to hire out clothing and other personal items: (we do however have a stock of basic waterproofs suitable for young people) please see whoever is running the trip beforehand to discuss what would be suitable.

Fuel etc - Individuals travelling together are expected to share the costs, a minimum contribution of £3.00 seems reasonable if you are travelling locally (eg to St Bees). A trip to say the Eden at Lazonby would be roughly £10.00.

Trailers: If someone is towing a trailer or carrying a boat for you (including club boats) you should contribute at least £2.00 to the driver.
PLEASE TRY AND PAY YOUR SHARE OF THE COSTS ON THE DAY. We rely on the goodwill of drivers to enable us to continue to run trips.

What you should wear...

Outdoors, if you do not already own specialist paddling gear, then follow these simple guidelines:
You need to avoid cotton and denim clothes as you will get wet and these materials hold water (but don't trap it), making you cold. Manmade fibres and wool are the materials of choice. As a minimum you need a warm top, trousers and pair of old thin trainers that you don't mind getting wet, together with a cheap nylon top to keep the wind off. A hat is often useful as well. If you have a pair of neoprene or plastic beach shoes they will be fine. If you have a wet suit, that's fine but you still need a cagoule for the wind. Long John type wet-suits without arms are best for paddling.
Most importantly, bring a towel and a change of clothes as you will probably get wet. Obviously everyone is different and you need to choose the layers that suit your own body and will keep you warm enough. We do have some cagoules etc for use by members, mostly smaller sizes for use by young people.
If you are going out for a day trip do please remember to take food and drink for yourself!


If you have any questions or concerns please speak to us at one of the sessions, or contact us via the message page on the website.